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American Pumping Company

Our Services

Food Services

  • Grease trap pumping
  • Removal of used cooking oil

Septic Services

  • Septic tank pumping
  • Commercial and non-commercial
  • Septic inspection/certification
  • Lift station pumping

Industrial Services

  • Carwash interceptors
  • Laundry facility traps
  • Grass traps
  • Automotive oil/water separators
  • Equipment wash interceptors
  • Water relocation

Other Services

  • Computerized scheduling
  • Trained and experienced technicians
  • Specialized service plans
  • Local, state and federal compliant
  • Licensed, permitted & insured
  • F.O.G. compliant

Septic Services

*State Mandated Septic Inspection Reports
Our Trained Licensed State Septic Inspectors provide a thorough inspection and assessment of an existing system for the sale of a property. By asking only a few questions about the property, we can provide you with a written price quote for the inspection, including the State mandated State Inspection Report. We can also provide you with phone numbers and websites that explain your rights and responsibilities when your Real Estate transaction involves a septic system.
Helpful Links regarding Transfer of Property with Septic System:

State Inspection Reports

Arizona State Law requires that the Seller of a property served by a septic system provide to the Buyer a State Inspection Report. The report is an eight page long form that must be filled out by a Licensed Septic Inspector. This report is good for six months, meaning that a seller can use the report an
unlimited number of times, in a six-month period, following the date of inspection. This is why the Seller normally pays for the State Inspection Report. If the Buyer cancels, the report can still benefit the Seller, once another offer is accepted.

*NOTE: The State of Arizona issued this statement: “Waiver of Seller’s responsibility to comply with a legal requirement is not allowable, regardless of status of seller as a financial institution or entity, and regardless of a real estate contract drafted or drawn by the Seller.

Real Estate Listing Agents

We highly recommend having your home owner request a Septic Permit Search from Maricopa County Environmental Services Department. Due to requirement changes, permit information is mandatory on  transfer of all properties with septic systems.  The law says it is the property owner’s responsibility to keep a record of all permitting.


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